Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Racing to the Grave

On October 9th, three boys and a girl were driving home from school. The driver being a boy in high school, with his sister next to him and his two younger brothers in the back seat. Driving a nice dark blue Chevrolet Lumina, yet the only glitch is that the boy was driving OVER 120 km/h in an 80-km/h zone.
They came roaring down the street only to suddenly ram right into steel & iron sunshade (weighs about a ton or so) built to cover 5 cars. Uprooting the iron girder right off the ground and simultaneously ramming into a brand new water cooler (almost 200kg when filled) placed next to it for the public. The Chevy is a mess; the girl’s head connected & shattered the windshield. All of them were casualties. The sunshade half collapsed on top of the Yukon parked underneath, smashing the rear into twisted metal.
The iron post that was holding the sunshade was buried ½ meter in concrete, just to show you the lethal force in which it was ripped right out of the concrete.
The kids have been taken to the hospital, and I have only seen the resulting mess about 4 hours later, the accident happened right in my aunt’s driveway. And the story has been recounted from eyewitnesses and the police who came again to take more detailed notes and pictures of the accident site.

According to the following statistic:

[Kuwait, with about one million vehicles on its roads, has reported an 18.1 per cent rise in the number of deaths from traffic accidents.
Interior ministry assistant undersecretary Major-General Thabet Al Muhanna said 372 people died in 2003, 57 more than in 2002, as a result of 45,400 traffic accidents.
In addition, 405 people were seriously injured and 927 others received light wounds.]

Till when are we going to put up with this? Lax laws and even laxer enforcement is plaguing the country, including the gross lack of traffic education and awareness.
From my point of view, our roads are the quickest way to the grave. The feeling of your body tearing & breaking apart during a road accident is NOT a nice way to go at all.

Drive safe.


Anonymous said...

"our roads are the quickest way to the grave" you're ABSOLUTELY right!!

U.E. said...

I knew it was worse here than other places I've lived. I've tried to tell people but had no real numbers to back it up. It's totally out of control. :-(