Saturday, October 08, 2005

Plaintive Complaints From the Citizens

Last night I got a call from a friend asking me, “Do you want to come with me and join the peaceful protest?” I had to scratch my head over that one and asked, “What protest?”
He explained to me it’s about the government waiving our loans and told me a pretty interesting fact…6 MPs have signed the petition already.
Ok, here’s my question everyone: Why the fuck are you protesting for that? And do you realize how MUCH the government has to pay in order to drop all our loans?
Earlier this evening I put those two questions to my circle of friends which consist of a very bright lawyer, a couple of students and a bum like me. They all presented very logical arguments and now I see why people are protesting.
The government is spending literally billions of dollars in charity. This year alone we have spent a record of almost $600 billion. We work and they send to others? Ok, Iraq is struggling to get on its feet again. Why are WE responsible? Hurricanes Katrina and Rita are both acts of nature. Why are WE responsible?
Till when are WE going to go around wiping a billion noses and comfort them with our hard-earned money?

1- Our roads are completely shit.
2- We don’t have phone lines in South Surra.
3- The rate of jobless people is at an extreme high.

And the list will keep going on and on…

That 500 million we donated, fine we are such a nice and loving country, yet we DO need that money to reorganize this country’s infrastructure. Solve the jobless problem and for God’s sakes…how hard is it to install phone lines in South Surra?
But the Government still has this chronic disease of ignoring it’s own internal problems. All they do is put one or the other MP under grilling. Toss a few people into prison to show everyone that they are fighting corruption. Yet this epidemic is growing out of proportion. Soon this country will suffer one massive implosion after the other.

Am I for dropping all our loans? Yes and no, yet I will not bother myself with an explanation because I’m sure a lot of people will be antagonizing me.

A message to the government: Don’t go too long ignoring your own citizens’ complaints. Iraq can wait, America has been around for 200+ years, they can survive another century without us. After all, take a look back into history, what really made the great Roman Empire collapse?

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