Tuesday, October 25, 2005


As I sit here in the early hours of the morning, contemplating the silence. Silence that I have always listened to throughout my whole life. No, not pure silence…the loudest sound I can hear is my own heartbeat, beating to the accompaniment of faint whispers from the world around me. The sharp sound of my cracking knuckles as I prepare for this long journal, more felt than heard.

I have always asked myself, what is it that is really worth hearing? Thanks to modern technology I may be able to answer that question. And the answer is: Life.

I remember clearly that one fine summer morning a few years ago. As I walked towards my car, I heard such a strange sound…I stop in my tracks and try to trace the source of it. So unused to the cacophony of sounds around me…the rustle of the trees, birds competing with each other, the whine of the distant tires upon the hard highway. And this alien sound, I finally found it in the pigeon coop within our garden. Stupefied, I stare as I study the way their throats rhythmically contract to produce such a lovely sound. The soft cooing, gently caressing and overdosing my ears to such music, I stood there staring for five minutes, drinking in the cooing greedily. It felt like forever. That was one moment in my life I will cherish forever.

One can never grasp the true feeling of pure silence, unless it has been there for a lifetime. One can never even
guess how pure and beautiful the sound of a child’s laughter may seem after such silence. I spent hours and hours just sitting at some café, or in some mall just to listen to the children. I can see the actual waves of laughter rippling through the air, making my lips quirk lightly to form a small smile.

God takes from one, yet gives in return. He may have taken my hearing, yet He has given me such a great gift: to be alive in this vibrant and colorful world.

To you my universe, you are so full of lovely sounds. Yet it is your silence that I hear, I smile now and I heard the purity of the unspoken words.

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