Sunday, October 16, 2005

Our Future Kuwaiti Astronaut? Why Not?!

On Saturday the 27th of August a young Kuwaiti ham radio amateur finally realized her dreams and made a rare contact to outer space. No, she didn’t contact any aliens or another planet. She contacted the cosmonaut Sergie Krikalev, the commander of Expedition 11 on the International Space Station, on his birthday! She created a new record by being the first Kuwaiti, thus setting this as a historical event due to its sheer rareness. Expedition 11 has only made contact to Earth only twice, one day during the month of June and the 2nd was her rare contact. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our next astronaut (inshallah!) Maryam. Hopefully she will do us proud and represent the Muslim and Arab world, into realizing her dreams and ambitions. We as a country are so proud of you and God bless you! Below is her blog and a link where you can hear her conversation with Sergie Krikalev:

So I Want To Be An Astronaut

ISS Radio Contact


U.E. said...

That is totally awesome! All hammer's have a whole new priority list now. Way to go Maryam!!!

Swair. said...

great work :D