Monday, June 25, 2007


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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kidnapped Employees Returned Home

4 of our employees were kidnapped by armed gunmen since June 1st, 2007 from an African country. 

They have finally been released unharmed yesterday (June 23rd) to the relief of their families and the rest of us. Not that I know them, but I'm glad they're safe and sound. Since we work in the same company, it sort of gives everyone else the jitters sometimes.

Nobody is sure if Big Blue ever paid any ransom or not, but we sure have one helluva security team to be able to bring them back. Bravo boys (and/or girls).

Remember Proof of Life? FYI, it's quite real and these sort of companies DO exist. They're popularily known as PMCs or Private Military Companies. Also FYI, major corporations hire these people to do the dirty work for them. In a certain few, there is an in-house department that employs: professional negotiators, armed security personnel (mercenaries) and several other types of 'special' people.

Here is a list of some of the popular ones:

1- Blackwater Security Company (Remember the fiasco in Iraq?)

3- DynCorp International (Currently available in Kuwait)

Interesting info, no? :)

Sniff, Snort...Bloody Nose.

From the Daily Star:

KUWAIT: Dubai Airport security forces have arrested a Kuwaiti TV presenter for being in possession of drugs.
The presenter was apparently body searched upon his arrival in Dubai from Kuwait, with the narcotics being found in his possession.
He is said to be still in custody pending further investigations before being taken to court for trial.

He will be back in Kuwait in no time at all, with charges dropped. That's how idiots like him still exist and entertain us with their generous stupidity.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Salman Rushdie vs. The Islamic World

Satanic Verses started it all. It was published in 1988 and violent protests against it's publication occurred. I read that book, heck..I even own it. I admit it's one hell of a good read. Salman is an excellent writer and my personal favorite is The Moor's Last Sigh.

And yes, I bought this book off of Amazon and had it delivered to me in Kuwait. Along with the Kama Sutra and several other BANNED books. I'm curious like that. :)

Anyway, back then Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa, offering x-amount of money for Salman's head. Personally, that's a load of crap.

True that Rushdie re-wrote the history of Islam in his novel. It was about the struggle of Satan against the angel Gabriel. And the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was involved. Etc..etc..I'm not in the mood to tell you the whole story, go buy the book yourself.

People can you tell me how many books out there mention specifically Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)? I'll answer it for you: THOUSANDS! And they don't necessarily mention our Prophet and/or our religion in a nice way either.

So what's the point? Want to issue another fatwa? Thousands of them against authors who may have put in a bad line or two about Islam?

Killing someone doesn't solve the problem. He wrote one book and decided not to write another that may enrage 1.5 billion Moslems. Make it 1.4 or so..don't include me. I'm a bookworm and I enjoy my books...

I also hold a neutral view over whatever has been written.

Why not ban The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown? It's an insult too. Claiming that Jesus had a child from Mary Magdalene? I mean he IS a revered Prophet of ours isn't he?

All I can say is, Salman just got a "Sir" title added to him. Doesn't make him a superpower. It's just a friggin title everyone, so cool down! Just like the Queen of England is just a figure, she has as much political power as a rabbit.

I'm a Muslim and proud to be one too. I defend my religion too, but not to the point to murder an innocent person. (That goes for you morons in Iraq and elsewhere.)

Get over it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Royal Homocide in Qatar

A mother of 9 from the Al-Thani royal family in Qatar gave birth yesterday in an unnamed hospital. After delivery, the husband (not from the royal family) walked in on her and shot her twice, killing her.

Initially it was rumored he shot her because the baby wasn't his. But in the police report, it indicated that he has asked her to borrow money from her family and she refused. So he shot her.

Their eldest child is 12 yrs old and youngest is a day old.

What will their family tell them about mommy and daddy, I wonder?

Of course, this hasn't hit the newspapers due to her 'status'. I learned of this from my source within the family, thanks for the info!

You see readers, these are the sort of stories that you hear about in the Gulf countries, INCLUDING Kuwait. But they are never reported. Stories like these are usually buried and dismissed as rumors.

Murders, rapes and etc. This is so sad. I feel sad for the kids.

Nobody ever remains above the law, especially the law of God.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Full Frontal Apple Attack on Microsoft

Apple has released the 1st public beta of it's amazing browser, Safari for Windows! Now that is good news. Safari is blazingly fast, in benchmark tests on Windows. It has outperformed Firefox and Internet Explorer.

You can download the Safari 3 Public Beta from Apple here

General Jobs has lead his Apple Army into another sweeping victory in a battle against the Dark Microsoft Forces. Goddamn Windows. I hate it.


Mouse the Cat

Now she can't say, "Marry me I want to have your kittens! Bwahaha! Damn that hurt."

I wonder what would happen if they start a neutering campaign for humans in China & India? Or should they spay? Depends on who 'needs' it more, eh?

I say we should chlorinate the human gene pool, starting with Kuwait.

Another one of my wacked posts.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Attention Wakeboarders!

For all the wakeboarders in Kuwait, I'm putting together a team to give wakeboarding lessons & in the future to participate in competitions. If you're interested in helping out, then I'd appreciate it if you can email me your info: (or comment here if you're too damn lazy).

Anyhow, what we're looking for is a boat that already has an overhead pylon, or an underwater gear attachment. And...get your own boards n gear! (Please no yachts. I'll keep my arms in my sockets, thank you very much.)

The boat expenses, repairs & such will be paid for from the training fees.

So if you're interested, drop me a line and let's organize something fun. Keep in mind, we don't have any decent wakeboarding 'schools' in the country. So let's make one official!

From the Arab Times: Police dog found dead in 'residential suburb'

I gotta admit: I'm impressed. PAWS sure really know how to get things done, not now, not After a series of emails & phone calls with quite a sweet person, they have published the article as promised.

It's not about being in the papers, it's about waking them up. I wish we had the cartoonish newspapers in which you open, and a huge mouth pops out and screams the headlines in your face. Now that would be quite useful for the careless & the lazy.

Anyhow, the article with the picture is available in the hard copy of Arab Times. Here's the online version of the article.

PAWS (Protecting Animal Welfare Society) have a very informative and interesting website. Also they can be contacted on e-mail: Tel: 9440089

Thanks PAWS! :)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Update II: Dead Police Dog

I decided to pursue the mystery of the dead German Shepherd found outside my building. On my lunch break I went to the nearby Guard & Tracking Dogs Dept. for the Ministry of Interior.

Nice place I admit, very neat & very quiet. No telltale smell of any animals. The officer who greeted me at the gate was very polite & courteous. I simply said hello & wanted to talk to his superior, or whoever is responsible for the dogs. When he asked why, I switched on my camera & showed him the picture of the dead dog. He was VERY surprised and asked me to wait. So I waited for the length of a half a cigarette. He came out & told me, "We thank you for coming all the way out here, but we don't have any missing dogs, they're all accounted for. Please call the Customs Dept. in Shuwaikh Port and I'm pretty sure it's their dog."

For clarification, he DID state that this dog IS an official police dog used by General Customs Dept. & Ministry of Interior.

I called Customs when I got back to my office, oh man what a runaround I was given! I called, hold on let me check my phone...8 different numbers they have given me & none cooperated. I finally reached a dead end when a man said that they DON'T have sniffer dogs. (WTF?!).

Ok fine by me, thanks to PAWS and an email I have just received, they will publish this story in tomorrow's English newspapers & Arabic newspapers.

Note: Last night I took a good long look at my cat (remember? his name is Mouse). And interrogated him thoroughly, he didn't do it. He meowed his innocence & claimed that the Feline Mafia did it. His surgery is on Monday, snip-snip.

Dead Police Officer Found in Sabah Al-Salem

So this is what they do to fellow officers?

I found this body right outside my building when I looked out the balcony. After calling 777 and reporting it, they asked me to call the appropriate department. Of course, nothing was done about it. So much for our Ministry of InFerior.

There were no signs of physical harm done to it. Nor were there any signs of torture (ask CSI:Kuwait). mo 7aram? :(

Update: PAWS were notified of this & will publish an article about it in tomorrow's papers. They were literally shocked out of their wits, due to the lack of interest on MoI's part & the condition of the dog. I've seen these dogs in action, they're very well taken care of. Bleh.